The Plant, Tag and Nurture a Virtue Initiative aims at transforming the mindsets of the young people through nurturing of moral values as they proactively engage themselves in green economy service-based learning projects. The project involves students planting and adopting the trees as well as tagging the trees with positive virtues which they aim to nurture in their life as the tree grows. The students are then observed and mentored by a teacher who keeps evaluating them on how they are practicing the virtues in their daily life. The positive virtues include resilience, perseverance, empathy, honesty, benevolence, humility, self-control, forgiveness and patience among others. Through this initiative, students are able to develop a sense of ownership by being more environmental conscious. Some of the project activities includes:

Skills Development: Students are trained on environmental conservation, leadership development, soft skills, virtues and values for life.

Experiential Conservation: Students are given an opportunity to lead environmental activities events; identify and implement values-based green economy projects within their schools and communities; engage in networks to share and communicate their documented environmental and life changing best practices.

Service Learning: Students are encouraged to participate in environmental inquiry and learning journeys. They are also challenged to identify, design and implement projects which solves environmental and food security problems.

Mentoring: Students are encouraged to identify and mentor a nearby school on cultivation of green economy projects. The mentorship can be through use of face-to-face exposure or use audio-visual technology to link students and mentors.