Our Leadership Team and Collaborators

CCL’s leadership team comprises of the organization’s governing board and the Character and Leadership Council with distinct roles. The governing board has 3 primary roles:

  • To establish policies and ensure efficient running of the organization.
  • To make significant and strategic decisions that steer growth of the organization.
  • and to oversee implementation of organization’s projects including prudent management of financial resources.

The Character and Leadership Council comprises leaders from the Ministry of Education, County Government, Academic Institutions and Corporates. The Council has 3 primary roles.

  • Providing guidance for quality control on how to align the Cultivating Virtues in Leaders (CViL) project with the Kenyan Vision 2030.
  • Providing authority and legitimacy and opening new doors for
  • and making CCL’s to be visible by being good ambassadors of the organization.

CCL’s has a formal partnership with the Research Collaborators (U.S. developers of CViL) from the Center for Character and Citizenship, University of Missouri-St Louis (USA).